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You know that I could use somebody...

Someone like you.

Michelle Icons and design stuff
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This is R0cktonight Graphic community where i post Icons, Headers, etc.
»Welcome to Opheliac's Designs
A graphic community by r0cktonight

Feel free to join or watch the community if you want ;).

» Rules:

Just a few simple rules, because not all is fun ;)

– Always credit me for my graphics, either icons, headers or wallpapers, at r0cktonight or 0pheliacdesigns.
No hotlink please.
– Textless icons are not bases, don't edit them please.
– Don't even try to claim what you see here as your own, if you do that i will hunt you forever :P
– And of course, if you like what you see, feel free to watch the community for future updates!